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FMJ / 22.7 g / 350 gr

.375 SWISS P Ball

The new .375 SWISS P long-distance ammunition has been especially developed for the requirements of operational precision shooters. The new calibre is suitable for highly demanding situations and markedly increases the operational spectrum of the proven .338 weapons system. Designed for Army and Police snipers, the SWISS P Ball, provides outstanding accuracy at an enhanced operation range. 
The reliable primer and temperature stable powder achieve constant ballistic values and stringent quality controls guarantee identical trajectory from batch to batch. 
  • Increases the performance of a proven .338 Lapua Mag weapon system
  • High energy - 40% more muzzle energy compared to .338 Lapua Mag SWISS P Ball
  • Extended operating distance supersonic up to 1600 m
  • Flatter trajectory and less wind drift thanks to heavier bullet weight

Available calibre

  • .375 SWISS P
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Product characteristics general

Product .375 SWISS P Ball
Caliber 9.5x70 / .375 SWISS P
Projectile FMJ
Projectile material tombac jacket, lead core
Lead free No
Packaging 10 rds/cardboard box, 180 rds/cardboard box, 10800 rds/EU pallet

Product characteristics details

Ballistic coefficient G1 0.8014 (ICAO)
Propellant double base powder
Case material CuZn - alloy
Cartridge weight 52.0 g
Term of Reference C.I.P.
Mean chamber pressure max. 4 200 bar (21°C)
Muzzle velocity 865 m/s (2 838 fps)
Muzzle energy 8 492 J
Accuracy Sa ≤ 26 mm (at 300 m)

Penetration power