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JPP / 13.0 g / 200 gr

.308 Win. SWISS P Subsonic Final

The unique bullet made from pressed pellets instantaneously disintegrates when hitting a soft target even at subsonic speed. The penetration depth of the fragments is extremely small, minimising the risk of over penetration and increasing the safety of bystanders. This makes it the perfect round for missions in urban terrain. The heavy subsonic bullet provides enough energy to achieve a good terminal target effect.
Optimised for use in suppressed weapons. The muzzle bang is minimised and the supersonic bang is eliminated.
  • Outstanding stopping power avoids collateral damage due to total bullet disintegration
  • Provides a minimal accoustic profile to maintain the element of surprise
  • Best first hit probability due to a special loading technique
  • Blue marked primer ensures proper selection

Available calibre

  • .308 Win.
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Product characteristics general

Product .308 Win. SWISS P Subsonic Final
Caliber 7.62x51 / .308 Win.
Projectile JPP
Projectile material tin plated tombac jacket, pressed lead pellets
Lead free No
Packaging 20 rds/cardboard box, 200 rds/cardboard box, 10000 rds/EU pallet
10 rds/cardboard box, 400 rds/M2A1 metal box, 24000 rds/EU pallet

Product characteristics details

Ballistic coefficient G1 0.1587 (ICAO)
Propellant double base powder
Case material CuZn - alloy
Cartridge weight 27.0 g
Term of Reference C.I.P.
Mean chamber pressure max. 3 600 bar (21°C)
Muzzle velocity 310 m/s (1 017 fps)
Muzzle energy 625 J
Accuracy Sa ≤ 11 mm (at 100 m)

Penetration power