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AP / 12.7 g / 196 gr

.300 Win. Mag. SWISS P AP

The tungsten carbide core is much harder and more ductile than most targets which makes it unstoppable for light armour. Because the core does not break apart during penetration, it transfers outstanding residual energy to the target. Using only high quality raw materials and producing within tight tolerances ensures outstanding accuracy from batch to batch.
A wide range of special purpose bullets provide the desired terminal effect on hard and soft targets on every mission. All .300 Win. Mag. SWISS P rounds have an identical point of impact at 100 m which allows the shooter to instantly change the bullet type.
  • The most accurate Armour Piercing round
  • The tungsten carbide core provides outstanding penetration power
  • Extended barrel durability due to a patented projectile design
  • Coordinated ballistics with SWISS P Ball, Target, Styx Action and Tactical rounds

Available calibre

  • .300 Win. Mag.
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Product characteristics general

Product .300 Win. Mag. SWISS P AP
Caliber 7.62x67 / .300 Win. Mag.
Projectile AP
Projectile material tombac jacket, tungsten carbide and lead core
Lead free No
Packaging 20 rds/cardboard box, 200 rds/cardboard box, 10000 rds/EU pallet
10 rds/cardboard box, 200 rds/M2A1 metal box, 16000 rds/EU pallet

Product characteristics details

Ballistic coefficient G1 0.6066 (ICAO)
Propellant double base powder
Case material CuZn - alloy
Cartridge weight 33.0 g
Term of Reference C.I.P.
Mean chamber pressure max. 4 300 bar (21°C)
Muzzle velocity 855 m/s (2 805 fps)
Muzzle energy 4 642 J
Accuracy Sa ≤ 35 mm (at 300 m)

Penetration power 

Body armour level 1 at 500m
25mm stell plate S235 JR at 300m
20mm stell plate S235 JR at 500m