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COVID-19: RUAG Ammotec is still operating

COVID-19: RUAG Ammotec is still operating

The current pandemic situation is anything but easy for all of us. It is unique, challenging and critical. We are far away from our daily routine and have been forced to find a balance between the official pandemic-related rules and regulations and the interests relating to the business as well as to our families and friends.

The business and day-to-day work should be our focus, but the global spreading of the corona-virus has significantly changed the situation in relation to key aspects. Nothing can be more important than taking care of the whole team and doing our best to keep everybody healthy. Therefore, we have set up a Corona-Task-Force, which is operating and coordinating our crisis management approach.

One of the key elements of this approach is our goal of "Business Continuity". Being fully aware of the actual restrictions and limitations, we are doing our best to keep the business running by adjusting our processes to the new unique global situation. Good examples for this adjustment include the changed procurement of raw materials, an updated approach to storage and warehousing as well as an revised shift work concept.

To be frank, the spreading of the coronavirus is of course having an impact on operations. However, by tackling the situation at an early stage and starting to work in the context of business continuity, we have been able to significantly mitigate the risk and keep our business running, almost under normal conditions.

Ultimately, although we have peered into our magic crystal ball, we do not know how the coronavirus situation will develop over the next days and weeks. However, what we do know is that the Ammotec team is prepared to face the new challenges, and that our risk mitigation and business continuity approaches have proven to be successful. Therefore, we are fully convinced that we can keep the business running and minimise the coronavirus-related impact. Here are some of the concrete results so far:

- All five of our factories in Europe and the USA are running at the highest possible output.
- We have stocked up our storage facilities with more raw materials and components to ensure uninterrupted production for many weeks.
- We have not had to postpone a single customer delivery due to factory output.
- We have overcome difficulties caused by flight cancellations and closed borders, and found alternative solutions to keep the customer-bound supply chains running.

We hope that by explaining our view of the current situation, we have been able to present our position to you, and demonstrate that even during this time of crisis we are fully committed as a professional and reliable partner.

Ammotec wishes you all the best in the coming months and we hope you will stay in good health.