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The new .375 SWISS P – Your tactical advantage

.375 SWISS P

The new .375 SWISS P – Your tactical advantage

The new .375 SWISS P long-distance ammunition has been especially developed for the requirements of operational precision shooters. The new calibre is suitable for highly demanding situations and markedly increases the operational spectrum of the proven .338 weapons system. .375 SWISS P calibre projectile types can reach distances of up to 1,600 m supersonic, which equates to an increase in operational range of more than 10 percent when compared to the .338 LM. This helps you to extend the time window for infiltration and exfiltration, and with it, increase your own protection.


More power

8 400 J muzzle energy

With 35–40 percent more muzzle energy compared to the .338 LM Target 300 gr, .375 SWISS P ammunition delivers significantly greater penetration power. Increased kinetic projectile energy enhances efficiency on protected targets and delivers substantial advantages when shooting through glass.

Increased range

up to 1 600 m supersonic flight

.375 SWISS P calibre projectile types can reach distances of up to 1,600 m supersonic, which equates to an increase in operational range of more than 25 percent when compared to the .338 LM 250 gr. This helps you to extend the time window for infiltration and exfiltration, and with it, increase your own protection.

More penetration

up to 600 m to penetrate Body Armour German Protection Level IV using AP projectiles

This increased power means the AP type projectile of the new calibre is able to penetrate body armour of German Protection Level IV from a distance of up to 600 m. Narrow production tolerances and the strictest quality control guarantee that .375 SWISS P ammunition delivers consistent and reliable performance with every shot.

Higher precision

Low drag 22.7 g / 350 gr projectile for longrange precision

Furthermore, .375 SWISS P guarantees absolute precision – also at longer ranges and under the most extreme conditions. Weighing 22.7 g / 350 gr, the significantly heavier projectile weight of the calibre minimises crosswind drift, optimises stability and maximises supersonic flight. Moreover, the CIP-certified high precision cartridge allows dependable attainment of sub MOA accuracy.


The powerful upgrade for your .338 weapon system

Manufacturers of typically robust .338 Lapua Mag. rifles only need to validate their system with the new .375 SWISS P chambered barrel. The new calibre fills the gap between .338 calibre and .50, providing you with a tactical advantage for the most diverse missions.

.375 SWISS P is the optimum upgrade for proven .338 weapon systems. No cumbersome system change is required to benefit from the new calibre. The majority of .338 weapons systems can be upgraded with only modest effort. Manufacturers can officially change the barrel and .375 SWISS P ammunition is fully ready to be deployed on your .338 weapon system. It can also be used with a interchangeable barrel on multi-calibre weapons systems. Negligible weight increase means that operational precision shooters can still benefit from supreme manoeuvrability: a significant advantage over heavy .50 weapons systems.

Improve your position

The new .375 SWISS P allows discerning professionals and forwardthinking organisations to build a firm foundation for mission success:

Ÿ Cost-efficient upgrade for .338 weapons systems
Ÿ Expanded operational spectrum (up to 1,600 m supersonic flight)
Ÿ Increased projectile weight maximises precision and provides reliable, consistent shooting performance
Ÿ Significantly greater target energy and increased penetration power when compared to .338 (Protection Class IV from up to 600m using AP projectiles)
Ÿ The new .375 SWISS P weapon system: more capable than .338 and lighter than .50
Ÿ CIP approved

With the new calibre, professionals and appropriate organisations are perfectly equipped for the widest variety of missions. The cost-effective weapons system guarantees absolute functionality and performance reliability – even under extreme conditions. During operations, both mobility and personal protection are increased, along with the window of opportunity for infiltration and exfiltration.